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New Layout on Facebook Business Pages for 2016

Get ready to re-do your Facebook Cover Image! If you haven't yet seen the new Facebook layout for business pages change on your page, it will soon be coming. It is not yet clear the timing of this, but several of my clients' pages have changed recently, as has mine. So it is happening. This means we will have to make some changes to our cover images and get used to finding things again in … [Read More...]

Free Marketing Calendar Template. Get started in 5 Easy Steps.

I know... you might be thinking... NO! Not the marketing calendar again! But I truly cannot stress how much this one tool will help you save time and money. Today I am going to share 5 easy steps to get started using one. So don't stop reading now. Stick with me. (You can also download a sample marketing planner below) Wasted Time! It really is the biggest complaint I hear from consults … [Read More...]

A Fun Contest to celebrate my talk at the FNCE Conference

You could Win a Coaching Package valued at over $1100! I guess that caught your attention didn’t it? Who wouldn't want to win a prize like this? And it should! I am so excited to share this fun scavenger hunt I am doing with my Colleague, Client and Speaking Partner, Margie Geiser of MEG-Enterprises. Margie is a business coach and specializes in working with clients in the health and wellness … [Read More...]

New Feature on LinkedIn – Video

LinkedIn, without a doubt, is the “professional social media channel”. It is the place for business people, professionals and especially recruiters. If your target market includes, business professionals, executives and people in corporate… LinkedIn is a must in your online marketing plan. Just this week they have announced something new to their features…. Video. Native video, not just video … [Read More...]

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