Tips to Picking a Username on Social Media

I am working with two new clients reviewing their social media setup and optimizing it so they take advantage of those profiles. They are a big part of your digital footprint online so you want to ensure they are setup effectively to help the business. Both had existing Twitter accounts with not-so-great names. One was the person’s middle name and last name - which no one called them … [Read More...]

Top 2 Mistakes People Make when Selling their Services

Do you find yourself not booking as many clients as you would like? That sales calls end up in no sales? For a lot of service-based business owners this is the norm for their business and most times it comes down to one of several mistakes they make when having a consult or initial intro session with potential clients. Trust me I have been there, and after working with a business coach of my … [Read More...]

3 Tips to Get your Business Started on Social Media

For many businesses the decision to ‘use social media’ brings them to a place of … “Where do I start?” I always recommend starting with a plan and then moving into the foundations of your business online. The plan may get edited and re-adjusted but that is normal as with any business plan. Create one to begin with and one of the pieces in that should be determining what social media channels … [Read More...]

3 Never Miss Activities to do on Social Media

Social Media can be confusing, heck some days it stumps even me. But it can also be rewarding. I refer to it as Connections without Expectations… and that always leaves a lot open to interpretation, as does how people connect and act online. Networking Online is a key activity you need to do in order to take connect with your community there – to talk with new people and make those new … [Read More...]