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Twitter is no longer counting photos and links in the 140 character limit.

Last May, Twitter announced this change was coming, and word on the tweet is it started this past week! (haha I couldn't resist!) There had been talk of really letting loose on this – going up to 10,000 characters - but they decided to keep with the short and sweet nature of Twitter posts, and I suspect having to do with all the ‘noise’ in the world, they are sticking with 140 characters, but … [Read More...]

Google Plus can help Boost your Visibility Online!

Did you Know Google Plus can actually Help People find your Website? This past week, we had one of our client’s new websites go live. In the final testing and checking of the site and the SEO I realized the Plus One I did of her about page was very valuable in search results. What I had done that week, was to click the G+ button on the social sharing tools on her website and shared the link to … [Read More...]

Dashboard: the New Twitter Feature is Live!

But I am not sold on this new Twitter Feature Dashboard just yet. Let’s look a little closer at this new twitter feature and see what people will think when asking the Big Questions about it: Will people use it? Is it helpful? Back in June, Twitter announced Dashboard, their new feature, that offers a single destination to get things done. In a nutshell you can use the Dashboard … [Read More...]

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