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Increasing Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Everyone wants more out of their Facebook Business page. More views, more reach, more results… so where do you start? What you are posting online will determine the reach and results you see. Meaning how many people will see the content you are sharing. There are some tips to help you boost engagement on your Facebook page… a few of the favourite ones of mine are listed here. 1. Engaging … [Read More...]

Your Social Media Profiles Matter!

What you include in your social media profiles can make a difference in people finding you online. We are looking at the 6th Key Element of your Online Foundations today and that is your Social Media Profile. When you look at your digital footprint online, a big aspect is your profile on all the social media channels. Many of these are on highly ranked websites – like Facebook or LinkedIn or … [Read More...]

How To Promote The Socks Out Of Your Lead Generation Page

Your Lead Generation Page shouldn't be a secret! Everyone wants to Double their list, Triple it even! Who wouldn’t want to – this is a key action when it comes to building your business online. As I have been preaching for a bit… Most online sales come from emails. But to make that work you need subscribers. To get subscribers, you must share your lead generation page, so they can … [Read More...]

The is THE #1 TOOL NEEDED for Success with Online Marketing

If you are Missing this - you are Missing Everything when it comes to Online Marketing Element #5 of your Online Marketing Foundations could really be called Element #1 in some ways because without it, you are losing out on a TON of opportunities to reach your ideal client. What is this Key Element? A Lead Generation Page connected to your Email Marketing System. Also known by a variety … [Read More...]

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