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 Content Marketing training Class

LIve Training: Learn to create content for your online and Social Media Marketing. Tweets, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn updates, blogs, newsletter articles AND even images and memes! 6 week course. Save $200 if you register before April 2nd!

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Social Media: Can you handle the Social Seven?

When it comes to using social media, one of the biggest things people neglect to do is to actually be social! To be YOU! Several years ago, I developed what I call the Social Seven. These are 7 activities you should be doing whenever logged into one of your social media channels. Following these 7 steps will not only have you being 'real' online, but allow you to network with others, make new … [Read More...]

Guess who is the Friendliest Country on Twitter?

A fun, informal poll to determine the friendliest country on Twitter! I was reading some online articles and came across one that shared a study done by a company called Klear. They wanted to determine from tweets online, if they could tell if Canadians are actually as friendly as their reputation. They determined the average amount of conversations people from each nation are having with … [Read More...]

What a Lint Brush taught me about Gratitude and Happiness

Gratitude will Boost your Spirits ... Guaranteed! I cannot describe to you the delight I have had this week watching a newcomer to our country discover all the things in life we take for granted. His gratitude for all the things we take for granted has taught me a few things. Gratitude, even for something as simple as a lint brush.   Gratitude is something I struggle with; it does not … [Read More...]

7 Must Add items for YouTube Videos

By now you are probably considering adding video to your marketing – at least I am hoping you are! Let’s keep you on the path to making them as effective as possible. One of the biggest mistakes I see when reviewing client’s Youtube videos is that they all tend to be missing the key elements needed to give your video as much visibility as possible. After all – for most videos you want people to … [Read More...]

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