How to Choose your Social Media Network

Not everyone and every business needs to be on every social media network. Yep, you heard me right! Once you’ve identified your target audience and identified your ideal client (as well as industry experts and peers whose "friendship" would only add to your own authority and influence) it's time to determine which social media networks to include in your marketing plan. When working with … [Read More...]

Has Common Sense Just Gone Out The Window?

Holy Crow… Some days you watch things happen and seriously wonder – have people truly lost their ability to use common sense? Recently I have run into several situations where I feel like saying to the other person, “Are you for real?”  I want to create a common sense whacking stick some days. It would work in a way that you see with the V8 commercials or how Agent Gibbs on the TV show NCIS, … [Read More...]

Do you know your LinkedIn Limits?

Have you ever tried updating your LinkedIn profile but when you enter your words you get errors because you have gone over the limits? LinkedIn has all sorts of specific areas where you can enter words, text and most importantly showcase who you are via all those words. Quick reminder: You NEED to use some of your main keywords in these areas. Keywords are all able to get pulled up on … [Read More...]