What is a Top Tweet ?

Top Tweet? Maybe I have not been paying attention to recent changes, but tonight when I did  a search on a hashtag on twitter, a tweet of mine came up, first in the results – and had an official looking twitter thing under it – a little tag that said “Top Tweet”What is a Top Tweet (I had just finished a social media teleseminar for a bunch of Registered Dietitians from the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Group, hence the hashtag #RDchat)

Well, that is just like putting a ‘shiny object’ in front of me.  Now I need to know what this Top Tweet tag means… so off I go searching and the answer came up very fast and was very simple.

Here is the explanation direct from Twitter Help:

A Top Tweet is a popular Tweet that has caught the attention of other Twitter users.

  • When you search for a popular term, you will likely see three “Top Tweet” results, marked with a small icon as shown below.
  • You can use Top Tweets to quickly find the updates that other users are finding interesting, insightful, and helpful at this very moment!
  • You can see examples and follow Top Tweets at www.twitter.com/TopTweets

How are these Tweets selected?

We’ve built an algorithm that finds the Tweets that have caught the attention of other users.

  • Top Tweets will refresh automatically and are surfaced for popularly-retweeted subjects based on this algorithm.
  • We think that showing the Tweets that other users have retweeted, shared, and interacted with can help you find new and helpful information more easily.

Why don’t I see the Tweets I like on Top Tweets?

Top Tweets are Tweets that lots of people are interacting with and sharing via retweets, replies, and more.

  • If Tweets you love aren’t showing up as Top Tweets, it means those Tweets may not be part of widespread conversation as much as the Tweets that are Top Tweets for any given search term.  (This is why I only showed in the search I was looking for, and not on the official Top Tweet Page :-(  – of course it is hard to compete with the likes of Katy Perry – I will be the first to admit tweets from celebrities get a lot of coverage)

So my question is answered, the shiny object has been covered and I can move on to what I should e concentrating on.  Hope it helped you too.

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    Found this page because our account received the mention ‘Top Tweet’ and was curious to learn more about this feature. Thanks for the valuable info. Have a nice day :-)

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    Thank you for the explanation. I just got a “Top Tweet” also. Your answer was really easy to find on Google by the way when I did “Top Tweet Twitter.”

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